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Ever since he was a child, E-Sports, and specifically STEM, has always been part of Jack Liedel's personality. After seeing the large portion of youth that did not have access to Esports, and thus where locked out of the ever-growing STEM based future, he employed 'Access to Esports', a non-profit organization fixated on delivering the powerful benefits of Esports by building, donating, and teaching about computers. His primary goal is not only for kids to have fun whilst playing games on the computers, but to have a connection with STEM and an access to a future of personal development, leadership, lifelong friends, and community built upon by Esports. In his own words "Esports has undoubtedly affected my life positively. From the time I unwrapped my first Xbox 360 on Christmas morning the effects of E-Sports as a whole have shaped me as a person. It did so by instilling in me traits that I never had, rewarded me for my hard earned victories, and introducing me to friends that I have had until now. The aforementioned traits it has instilled into my person are endless, but the most common are leadership, ambition, patience, and cooperation. Each of these are crucial to not only getting better at E-Sports but excelling in our fast paced STEM society". 

Jack is a senior at Christian Brothers Academy High School where he has spent all of his academic high school career. Throughout his time there he has built the schools own Esports club, which actively strives to achieve the very same goals of his non-profit organization. 

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