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Along with gifting custom E-Sports computers to children in need, 'Access to Esports' holds educational seminars to facilitate interest in technology. The seminars typically last between 1 - 1.5 hours and consist of everything a young student needs to know about computers. Not only do we go over topics such as hardware and software operation, but we construct a gaming computer, doing so actively in front of audience members to ensure maximum comprehension and engagement of the aforementioned subjects. Due to our initiative approach we are able to accurately and efficiently teach our topics to make the student an expert on computers.

What Do Seminars Teach Children?

Because of the interactive and intuitive style of our seminars, we are able to teach our attendees important and advantageous technology based information. The main goal for our seminars is for each member of the audience to walk away with plentiful inspiration and appreciation concerning the intricate world of computer technology.  


The Seminar

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