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Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver gaming computers to underprivileged children while simultaneously opening the door to one of the World's fastest growing industries, Esports, by hosting interactive and educational seminars. We strive to introduce our recipients to the beneficial online world, facilitate Stem interest, and push for development of the whole person, while most importantly doing so with care. 


Why Are E-Sports Important?

The Concrete Benefits of Esports 

Most notably, Esports allows for unathletic, disabled, academically challenged, economically unfortunate,  or youth who are uninterested in sports to participate in the most valuable experience in life: A team- which provides them with a unique feeling of deep community. Additionally, Esports gives all members who participate traits that allow them to be a step above life's competition. Firstly, as most of the tasks that they are interacting with on their computer is technology based, Esports sparks interest in STEM. Following this same pattern of interaction with the computer's environment, Esports develops social, and leadership skills from constant contact with online group situations. On the physical side, research indicates that Esports improves traits such as coordination, reaction time, eyesight and is even proven to combat depression and anxiety.

Positive Economic Future Outlook

Along with the aforementioned benefits of Esports, the market itself is valued at over one billion U.S dollars, with top earners taking in over 6 million dollars each year. In addition, the job outlook for Esports grows in tandem with its market valuation, meaning that a financially successful future job as an E-Sports athlete is a definite assurance. According to Steve Borenstein, Chairman of Activision Blizzard’s Esports Division and Former CEO of ESPN and NFL Network, ‘I believe Esports will rival the biggest traditional sports leagues in terms of future opportunities, and between advertising, ticket sales, licensing, sponsorships and merchandising, there are tremendous growth areas for this nascent industry’ . This, in turn, provides more capital for the future Esports player. Unlike most industries, Esports gives the younger generation a chance to enter into a high paying field where, if they work hard enough, they can make a career filled with success. 

Esports opens the Door of Future Opportunity to its Users

As the world is increasingly favoring STEM in the work force, a connection to the catagories from an early age is necessary to succeed in contemporary society. This STEM connection can be fortified with a multitude of different activities. However, none prove more effective than E-Sports in facilitating an interest in technology. E-Sports allows children to see the world in ways they never have before, face difficulties that will test their problem solving skills, forge maintain a team that builds their leadership skills, and be introduced to the inner-workings of technology. All these traits will allow them to propel forward in society form an early age. 


In order to keep building capable gaming machines our program requires external resources. If you have extra computer parts or funds to spare call the number below or emails us at

The most rewarding part of our endeavor is seeing the joy on the children's faces after plugging in the computers to which they can connect to the online world on, and equally so when you introduce them to the intriguing world of computer technology. To be part of our program contact

1-732-788-5958 to get involved with service. 

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